About Us

Simaye Sabz Harm Reduction Institute

Position Statement:

As a non- governmental institute, Siamaye Sabz Rahayie institute was based in 2006 to provide humanitarian helps for support, treatment and harm reduction of drug addicted people and persons living with HIV/ Aids in Tehran, Iran.

By exploiting of expert personnel and social potentials during one decade of its activities, our institute has achieved remarkable successes in the areas of harm reduction, treatment, rehabilitation and research, becoming a specialized center in both fields.

Our Mission:

Siamay sabz Rahayie institute tries to enhance life expectancy and social health through reducing the harms caused by drug addiction, HIV/ AIDS and high risk behaviors. This institute based on educational, cultural, supporting and empowering activities.

We believe that all human beings deserve living in a healthy environment. In addition, all people involved in social harms must be provided with non-discrimination services needed.

Future view:

Our institute intends to provide homeless people in Tehran with appropriate clothing and nutrition within the next five years.

Simaye sabz rahayie activities in order to harm reduction


Distributing of food and harm reduction items in overnight colonies of Tehran


Half-way House


DIC (Drop in Center) for men


Emergency help centers (shelters)


The Social services Base


Clinic of Substance Abuse Treatment


The Medium-term residential treatment center for women (Marham Camp)


Entrepreneurship and Employment


Out Reach Helper Teams


Positive club

Department of Education and Prevention