The Medium-term residential treatment center for women (Marham Camp)

اتوبوس ایدز

The Medium-term residential treatment center for women (Marham Camp)

* The center was closed in 2016*


 Marham Camp is the boarding residence of addicted women deciding to stop using drugs. Patients are admitted by the reception physician and their addiction treatment is followed by an expert team consisting of the psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, addiction helpers, family helpers, social workers for one month periods.

Actions are taken in the center:



On arrival in the camp, clients perform personal health activities such as going to the bathroom, using anti-lice shampoos, hair cutting and shaving unwanted hairs.



Client stake 7 to 10 days in detoxification unit. This unit has more flexible rules than the other parts because when the clients stop using drugs first, they need higher levels of meals, tea, chocolates, sugar and cigarettes; require more frequent using of restrooms and bathrooms and thus, receive special intentions from the center physician and internal manager.


After detoxification period, patients enter the dormitory to experience a group drug-free life. In this time, they stand various responsibilities regarding many activities to experience responsibility as well as being entertained.



Clients receive full meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as daily cigarettes and different snacks.


In Fridays, general cleaning is conducted. This process includes clients’ personal cleaning (going to the bathroom), cleaning the building, washing the clothes, blankets, bed sheets, bathrooms, yard and kitchen.

The center has been equipped with the washing machine to wash the clothes and other personal staffs and four bathrooms with showers.

Examination and consultation:

The center exploits psychologists and physicians several hours a day to treatthe clients and complete their records



Psychological courses:

  • Preventing of drug temptation and relapse;
  • Increased resiliency;
  • Mental health;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies;
  • Life skills;
  • Effective communication;


Other training courses:

  • HIV / AIDS prevention;
  • Preventing of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Correct using of condoms;
  • Harm reduction methods



Entrepreneurship and vocational training


  • Sewing, knitting, crochet;
  • Carpet weaving;
  • Packaging





In Marham short-term residential center of addiction treatment, recovering women are provided with some recreational facilities including:


  • Film displays;
  • Music programs;
  • Sports staffs;
  • Morning exercise;

Other activities:

Clients are permitted to meet their families in a certain place out of the dormitory. In addition, authorities and artists occasionally visit the center.

Address: Marham center (camp) -Erfani St-Esteghlal town-Tehransr.

Tel: 44592295,44592259, 44593717


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